Our favourite "cheats" for making an exciting learning space... on a budget!

Something we learnt very quickly when we started teaching is that your classroom becomes your oasis. A space for learning, but also for creativity, for encouraging students to be themselves, to think independently, to feel safe and secure and most importantly a place for them to thrive!

Classrooms need to be engaging, organised spaces.

Gone are the days where rows of desks and chairs and plain walls are the norm.


learning spaces

Changing the way we look at setting up our classrooms. We have created these spaces utilising furniture from second hand shops, things no longer needed from home, items we have scavenged! It is about being creative and thrifty! We are lucky to have a very supportive school, hopefully these photos and suggestions will spark some ideas for you!

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Photos to come!

Classroom displays

Photos to come!

Classroom Organisation

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Teacher organisation

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