Heeey Guys! Welcome to EduSphere

We are sitting here and finding it difficult to serious for our very first blog, but that is us, nothing serious happens without a good laugh! Anyone who knows us, knows that we aren't often short of a few words, however this is proving a challenge!

So maybe lets start by giving you an overview of what EduSphere is about and what we hope to achieve by launching this site. We like to think of ourselves as "cultivators of curiosity and creativity", but what does this actually mean? 

Within the confines of the classroom, people often find themselves getting comfortable, sticking to the same old routines year in, year out and using their well-loved, dog-eared text books as their main reference point. We pride ourselves on trying to be the opposite of this! We find this method of teaching, boring and dated and guarantee that if the teacher finds it boring so will our students! 

Over a number of years we have undertaken a raft of professional development looking at how we can take our students on a journey to become well rounded 21st Century Learners; to become students who are globally minded and skilled in real world thinking and living. Our philosophy of teaching is that learning should be an active process that is student driven with the teacher playing the role of supportive guide. Learning should be inquiry based, where students are encouraged to ask deep and meaningful questions and to seek answers using a variety of sources. We also believe that the use of technology is an integral part of helping our students to discover the world in new and exciting ways, however it is paramount that technology is used as a part of the classroom culture and not just a token addition.

We envisage EduSphere to be a "one stop shop" for ideas and resources that teachers can implement within their classrooms. Everything from technology sites and applications to inspiration for morning devotions, we hope you will (over time) be able to find it here. In its infancy EduSphere will focus on technology and Critical and Creative Thinking resources, as well as ideas for creating the ultimate in "cheap" and engaging classroom learning spaces (we figure we spend more time in our classrooms than our homes so they should be places we love to be a part of)!!

We would love for this space to be a collaborative one and we welcome your comments, suggestions and feedback. Over time we would love to link up with other teaching and learning blogs and websites, so feel free to get in touch!

Thank you for your patience while we continue to get EduSphere up and running!


Jess and Jolanta